Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Parish Staff



Another case in point on lay ministry. I just got an email from the diocese that some parish is looking for a 'music minister.' I can hardly blame the Diocese; it is now the accepted terminology. But why is it the accepted terminology? Is a janitorial service now a 'cleaning ministry' or the parish secretary the 'secretarial ministry'? How about a 'plumbing ministry' or would it be 'toilet ministry'? We always seem to need a 'tree minister' around here. But it so hard to find a theologically sound one. I guess the parish priest is the 'ministry minister'. "I ain't got no home in this world anymore."


Linda Ashton said...

Does this mean that, instead of a member of laity, I'm a ministry recipient?

- Linda Ashton

Feed Room Five said...

No, Linda, that would make you the ministry recipient minister. Fr A

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, when I was a Congregationalist lad back into the 'late '50s, our church had such, Mr. Milton Young. But the organist who carried the bulk of the sunday service with her prelude,interludes,and postlude, was never hardly ever mentioned. After a few years she left for another city.
Jim of Olym