Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saying Mass at St. Matthias 

I spent the last two weeks saying Mass at our neighboring parish, St. Matthias, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. For all my grumbling about the 1979  BCP and free standing altars, I must say that this beautiful parish church demonstrates that it is possible to use the 1979 BCP Rite I liturgy and an altar ad populum for solidly Catholic worship. St. Matthias judiciously adds just the right and necessary bits from the Novus Ordo, offertory prayers, Orate fratres, commemorations of the departed and the saints and so forth.   I especially appreciated the modern troped Kyrie based on Psalm 51. The servers were well trained, welcoming and helpful. I am grateful to Fr. Cantrell, who was off to the SSC Council Meeting in England, for the chance to help him out.

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