Sunday, December 2, 2012

Support the Cause of Catherine of Aragon 

In an attempt to show my support for Anglican feminists I am supporting the cause for the beatification of Katherine of Aragon. If ever there was a victim of ruthless abuse at the hands of male kings and bishops it was this noble Queen. Why have the advocates of female bishops not embraced this woman's cause? That is something that should offend all women.

Lord Our God, Your servant, Good Queen Katharine, was ever steadfast in her faith to her marriage and to your Son’s Church; bravely enduring unkindness and betrayal, yet never betraying her faith by succumbing to the false promises made by those who abandoned her.  Dear Lord, teach us the way of her faith. Through her intercession, grant us the grace to follow the example of her faith, courage, piety, kindness and compassion.

Sign the petition for her cause:


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Matthew M said...

Finally a decent picture of her. Everyone seems to paint her as a witch. The way the prots 'dis' her is disgusting.
Blessed Catherine of Aragon pray for us!