Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Parish Press: Highly Recommended

Many American parishes, in which a Catholic tradition has existed and persisted over the years, will inevitably have in their sacristies the  products of the Parish Press: Vesting Prayers, Preparation for Mass, Charts for laying out Vestments and for vesting the chalice, Confession cards, Benediction cards and so forth. Usually these artifacts are in a state of advanced decay, frayed and yellowed from many years of use or, alas, from disuse.

The Parish Press, originally located in the basement of the Cathedral in Fond du Lac, WI, after many adventures, has come into the capable hands of Bishop Keith Ackerman, SSC. In addition to all the wonderful old publications Bishop Ackerman has also added a goodly number of new catechetical  and apologetic items, not least of which is Bishop Donald Parsons' books and pamphlets. It is my understanding that Bishop Ackerman intends to expand the offerings of the Press.

English Catholic Anglicans have had and continue to have a fully functioning press, The Additional Curates Society, The Church Union and to some extent Canterbury Press. Until now we in the US have had virtually nothing. We need the Parish Press and we need to support it. 

Check it out:

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