Monday, July 11, 2016

A modern Latin hymn to St. Benedict by Dom Anselmo Lenti, OSB

Légifer prudens, veneránde doctor,

qui nites celsis méritis per orbem,

dénuo comple, Benedícte, mundum

  lúmine Christi.

Flóruit per te novus atque miro

géntium nexu sociátus ordo;

iúribus sacris tua vox subégit

  dúlciter omnes.

Líberos Iesu paritérque servos

régula magna statuísti alúmnos,

quos amor fotus précibus revínxit

  et labor unus.

Iamque fratérne, duce te, labórent,

mútuo certent pópuli favóre,

gáudeant pacis refovére semper

  dona beátæ.

Cláritas Patri genitæque Proli,

Flámini Sancto decus atque cultus,

grátia quorum tibi tanta laudis

  glória lucet. Amen.

 Wise law-giver, venerable doctor,
You who by your high merits shine throughout the world,
Fill the world anew
With the light of Christ.

Through you a new society of nations flourished
Knit together in  a wondrous order
Your voice sweetly subjected all to holy laws.

 Equally free and servants of Jesus
By the great rule you did direct your disciples
Whom love nourished and prayers and one work

By your leading may the peoples work and strive
In brotherhood and mutual favor.
May they rejoice ever and cherish
The gifts of blessed peace.

Glory to the Father of the begotten Son,
To the Holy Spirit  honor and worship,
By whose glorious grace shines forth such
Praise to you. Amen.

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