Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When will Anglicans apologize?

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this year Pope Francis apologized for the persecution which Catholics directed towards the reformed Churches. He asked "forgiveness for the un-gospel like behavior by Catholics towards Christians of other Churches". I wonder when those churches will apologize for their 'un-gospel like behavior'? Especially Anglicans, the Church of England and ACNA as well. I guess that Anglicans are too busy either trying to deconstruct orthodox Christianity or trying to to recover the blessed truths of the Reformation.I suppose that we do not need to keep score but the Church of England murdered tortured, deprived and robbed many more Catholics during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Elizabeth I, James I than Mary did in her short Catholic reign. But if you are interested in the statistics you might consult Jesse Childs very fair and objective account  Traitors of God (Oxford University Press 2014). 

I guess Luther lets you off the hook for any responsibility: simul peccator et justus and all that. The truth is that many Protestants just cannot quite give up the Reformation apostasy because maybe then they would have to get serious about Christian unity. That would not do, would not do at all.

May the English Martyrs Pray for all Christians.

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