Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury: "Ecumenism is a heresy"

Some Roman Catholic "RadTrads" like to say that "Ecumenism is a heresy". Apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury agrees, since he decided that it would be a good idea to bring along some women priests, when he recently visited Pope Francis. In fact this is now the official position of the Church of England. Can we really continue  to remember Justin Welby in the diptychs, that is, in the public liturgical prayer of the Church? Certainly we can and should pray for him privately. But to remember a bishop at Mass is to vouch for his orthodoxy, as the Gregorian Canon indicates: "together with thy servant N. our Pontiff and N. our Bishop and all the faithful guardians of the catholic and apostolic faith". The same is true of ACNA bishops and all bishops who are not "faithful guardians of the catholic and apostolic faith". Another reason why the new ACNA Archbishop should not be one who ordains women to the priesthood. The position of Forward in Faith NA, at least, is that we are not in communion, or at least not full communion with those bishops who ordain women. That is a much greater sign of disunity than omitting a bishop's name from the diptychs.

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