Thursday, February 20, 2014

The old news behind the news about Nashotah

The old news is that Nashotah ceased to be an Anglo-Catholic seminary long ago. The place was hijacked by moderate evangelicals. Bishop Salmon, whatever good qualities he may have and I am told that he has many, is certainly no theologian, no Anglo-Catholic; he knows nothing at all about the Catholic tradition in Anglicanism, much like the previous Dean, however good he might be about other matters. I remember a number of years ago Bishop Salmon speaking at the Diocesean convention in Dallas and quoting Harnack as an authority. I wondered at the time if he was simply uninformed or if that was  the last bit of Church History he had read, when he was in seminary. As for Dean Munday he preached a sermon on evangelism at a Ft. Worth Convention, which did not even once mention the Sacraments or the need to bring people to the Sacraments. This is par for the course with ACNA folks but the Dean of Nashotah House? It is time, high time, long past due, that we begin to look to and work towards a Catholic Seminary for realigned Anglicans in the Americas. Most of the recent Nashotah House graduates in the Diocese of Ft. Worth have departed for the Ordinariate. I can only speculate that perhaps bad theology and hostility to Catholic faith and practice at Nashotah played a part in  their departure so soon after ordination.  May the prayers of Our Lady, who once was so honored at Nashotah House, come to the aid of a new seminary and may that place too be under her most gracious patronage.

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