Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For the Snowbound, Icebound and Stir-Crazed


IN one of her visions it was shown to Dame Julian that 'the continuous seeking of the soul pleaseth God full greatly: for it may do no more than seek, suffer and trust.' As always when we get down to fundamentals, the program is astonishing in its simplicity. We talk about secrets of sanctity, about special ways of praying, about this and that sanctifying practice, but in the long run it is simply a matter of groping towards God, suffering for Him, trusting in.) His providence. It is the sermon on the mount. No more than that. And no less. We, with our complicated and over eager minds, are apt to read into the injunction 'seek, suffer, trust' an interpretation of our own: we include in the undertaking a satisfaction to be got out of it. 'I seek God in prayer, in creatures, in all I do,' we tell ourselves ... but we seek also for the assurance that our search is well worth while. 'I suffer with Christ, and for the sins of all the world,' we tell ourselves ... but knowing that our sufferings are praiseworthy, heroic, meritorious. 'I entrust myself entirely to God's care,' we tell ourselves ... but we want at the same time to have the certainty that everything is really all right and that the trial of our faith is only a trial. Were we to seek unselfishly, suffer without striking attitudes, and trust absolutely, we would be ready for canonization. All the rest would follow. The saints have no other formula. It is the way of grace, the life of Christ. It isn't easy. 

Dom Hubert Van Zeller Moments of Light 

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