Friday, October 25, 2013


One prominent evangelical conservative website -- I will not provide the link because this fire needs no more fuel -- has posted under the title "A window into the sad state of North American Anglicanism"  a link to a blog of a disgruntled ordinand which calls the Bishop of Ft. Worth 'a tight ass'. The point might be that it is precisely that sort of language which is evidence of the 'the sad state of North American Anglicanism'. I hope so because that is the point. I am all for slugging it out theologically but name calling is not theological discourse. Moreover, it is no surprise that some new convert to Anglicanism is disillusioned to discover that there are orthodox Anglo-Catholics in ACNA. It is a surprise that someone thinks that this sort of diatribe will contribute to the good health of North American Anglicanism.

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Allen, when I was at Baylor I went to St. Paul's; an orthodox parish a generation ago though not sure it if is now. ...I had to google to find out that it was, of course, from Stand Firm website. Which "stands firm" about some things and not others they don't consider essential but which I and consider their "adiaphora" conclusion specious and, frankly, part of the problem. ...I was just talking to an elderly friend today about the Diocese of Fort Worth and St. Francis. He has a Protestant conception of priesthood, Eucharist, and all the rest but is sympathetic to Canon of St. Vincent of Lerins. And that's saying something since he's travelled a long distance and is 86. I really appreciate your work at St. Francis. You and Canon Duncan both are fantastic wrt worship, sermons dead-on, and knowing how to "get out of the way" to Truly Lead worship. My friend Linda said she really feels comfortable at St. Francis. I replied, "I'm staying for the duration." Best and respectfully, Brent