Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th 2013 SS. Cornelius and Cyprian, Bishop Martyrs

. . . our fault lies in wanting to know too  much. The tendency goes back to the Garden of Eden. Failure to understand everything, experience everything, manage everything, makes us restless, envious and anxious; we can never feel perfectly at home. But then if we approach life as if it was a fun-fair, we can hardly expect to feel perfectly at home. The reason why we cannot settle down in a funfair is because there is far too much fun: there is always another booth just behind us, or a cocoa-nut shy where we're not shying.  Also the lights will be turned out before long, and the voice of the merry-go-round will be still. There is only one answer to this hankering for what exceeds our capacity, and that is to be found in the Gospel paradox of losing one's life if one wants to find it. The only security which we shall find on this side of the grave is the security of taking insecurity for granted.

--Dom Hubert Zeller We Work While the Light Lasts

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