Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Christians of Checnya, All 100 of them!

For obvious reasons  Chechnya is in the news. As the style book now apparently requires the mass media preachers cautioned us not to jump to the conclusion that the Boston Marathon bombers were Muslims, even though very early on we knew they were from Chechnya.  I am all for not jumping to conclusions but in this case it is more than a good guess that these bombers were Muslims because there are less than 100 Christians left in Chechnya. The Muslims expelled, terrorized and killed the Christians there long ago.

No doubt politicians and pundits will demand that we ‘understand’ and sympathize with these terrorists. I do sympathize with Chechnya: what the Russians have inflicted upon the people of Chechnya is unspeakably evil. But could we perhaps save just a bit of our sympathy for the Christians of Chechnya?

“The Russian Federation is a complex patchwork of republics, oblasts, territories and okrugs, varying in size, population, ethnic background and religious affiliation. Chechnya, part of the Southern Federal District, lies in the North Caucasus region, an area considered Europe’s least evangelised. It is one of seven republics, containing a medley of 50 to 60 ethnic groups of Caucasus, Turkic and Iranian origin.

Chechnya has long resisted Russian rule. The wars of the 1990s between the Russian military and Chechen rebels ended only in 2009 with Russian withdrawal and a pro-Moscow president installed. The conflicts were part of a wider strategy to form an Islamic Caucasus state (self-titled as Nokhchiyn).

The 1.4 million Chechen are almost entirely Muslim, and international Islamists have radicalized many of them. The Christian presence in Chechnya has been largely eliminated or expelled. A Baptist presence remains in Grozny. Most Christian organizations withdrew to work among refugees in North Ossetia and Ingushetia. Hatred of Russians (and thereby all Christians) and ruthless Islamist groups make ministry extremely sensitive work.”

From The Voice of the Martyrs

I understand that even the good Baptists of Grozny have been eliminated since the summary above was written. 

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