Monday, March 18, 2013

Catholicism: Faith Formation 

As I have announced several times already, I am beginning in the second week of Easter an instructional series based on the DVD presentations of Fr. Robert Barron. Fr. Barron is a Roman Catholic priest and I have already heard the question “why is Fr. Allen teaching classes on Roman Catholicism?” In response I would say that these DVDs are called “Catholicism” and not “Roman Catholicism” and all that has ever been taught in this parish is “Catholicism”. Fr. Barron often quotes C.S. Lewis and N.T. Wright, two notable Anglicans, and he would be surprised if you said he was teaching a course on Anglicanism. But there are more serious problems evidenced by this paranoia. In the first place, the teaching of the Christian Faith here at St. Francis never has been, never should have been and certainly cannot be now the teaching of denominationalism. In a secular age the teaching of Christianity must be ecumenical, drawing upon all the best resources from any source. If Anglicans had produced a series of instructional DVDs I would not hesitate to use it. But there is nothing comparable either in quality or breadth to this series. Moreover, it is part of the genius of Anglicanism that we are able to use contributions from many different Christian traditions. We will begin the classes on Thursday April 11th at 7:00 pm: Meal and DVD, response and discussion to conclude by 9:00 pm. The series will last ten weeks. Bring yourself. Bring a guest.

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Allen, I would love to come but not sure my work schedule permits. ...Underneath the "denominational tags" lies a Catholicism in English/Anglican expression that is so very life-affirming and individual-constitutionally supportive in a "felt" way. It's empirical and not juridical. I understand the RCs claim that Christ is uniquely present in the Chruch of Rome. I won't argue that, but really do wonder what so much of the juridical canon law has to do with the mind of Christ, particularly the Jesus of the Gospels? Is all that accretion really necessary? I would make a terrible Roman Catholic.

The empirical Catholic tradition is wonderfully pastoral and communicates so very well the Mercy of G-d in Christ.

The video and your discussions sound interesting. Thanks so much for offering it.