Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What use is the Magisterium, if it is not enforced?

The Catholic vote was divided much as was the rest of the nation’s voters, leaning slightly in favor of Obama. A final Gallup poll, reflecting tracking from Nov. 1 to 4, showed Catholics favoring Obama by 52 to 45 percent. 

52 to 45 percent is not "leaning slightly" -- especially given the Obama administration flagrant disregard for the Catholic conscience.

It is not my place to advise the US Catholic Conference of Bishops but someone should ask the question "Is it not time to enforce the Magisterium on public "Catholic" pro-abortion politicians and their supporters"? But my conclusion is that since Catholics who go to Mass regularly vote pro-life, it would do little good to deny to deny Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Caroline Kennedy the Sacraments. They are 'hatch, match and dispatch' Catholics at best.

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